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i hope someday you can find someone

whose presence can heal your pain."

—(via 02100102)

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In between - Kasegawa Dam, Saga, Japan (by 1/4th)

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Saw them dancing in your eyes
Like shadows in the night
Doing pirouettes around the stars
We were running in a haze
I remember every shade
In my veins and they shot up sparks

Atmosphere, 2014

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Why do I have a feeling


That I don’t want to feel.


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"Hai mai pensato di andare via e non tornare mai più? Scappare e far perdere ogni tua traccia, per andare in un posto lontano e ricominciare a vivere, vivere una vita nuova, solo tua, vivere davvero. Ci hai mai pensato?"

—Luigi Pirandello, “Il fu Mattia Pascal”. (via getinspiredwithvalentinazu)

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